Air Conditioning Installations in Pinecrest, FL

AC InstallationThrough our licensed and insured technicians in Pinecrest Florida, we offer AC installation and replacement services. Compared to our peers, we provide top of the range services thanks to our sound installation policies and practices. Whenever you want a new AC installation, we first help you to determine the right sizing so that you do not buy an undersized or oversized system.

We understand that some homeowners are purely led by cheaper estimates and quotes in hiring AC installation services. The danger with such installation measures is that they tend to be less than quality in their work and often will take off when you need them the most. Instead of pegging the comfort of your home and by extension your family on some unqualified servicemen, at AC Repair Pinecrest FL we invite you to an installation and replacement service like no other.

The Best AC Installation Service

It doesn’t matter your preferred brand, we have knowledgeable installation technicians who can handle hundreds of makes and models. Each brand has a unique way in which it is supposed to be installed and unless you get technicians who have the expertise and experience, you may end up getting a raw deal.

Thanks to our partnership with the major brands in the market, we have regular training that helps to bring our staff up to speed with the market demands. Our overall goal in AC installation is for you to get an AC system that serves you right from day one and its lifespan long enough for you to recover your investment and much more.

By choosing AC Repair Pinecrest FL, you are assured of:

• Correct positioning of your systems air handlers for optimized cooling coverage

• Proper anchoring and placement of outdoor units to guarantee you sufficient airflow around each unit

• Efficient ductwork to provide a regulated airflow all around the service area.

AC units are usually measured in tons which point to the quantity of heat they can remove from your home within an hour. If you have a one ton unit, it can remove 12,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs) while a 3 ton system can successfully remove 36,000 BTUs. By looking at the size of your house, we can easily tell the system to install so that your comfort needs can be met.

Hiring Our Installation Services

While it is true that you can purchase an AC from a wholesaler and install it yourself, this activity requires a substantial skill level. You must also be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) if you are to handle any refrigerant.

By hiring our professionals, you can be assured that the installation job will be done fast and within the estimate earlier sent. If you are installing an AC for the first time, we shall ensure new breakers are put in your electrical panel, new duct work linking is in place, and wires safely run through your foundation. With this, your system will run efficiently and serve you for a much longer time.