Can a Solar Window Film Help Improve Energy Efficiency?

Film InstallationIf there is a room in your house that is too hot during summer or too cold when winter comes, applying solar window tint can help bring immediate results. In fact, it is recommended that every home to have at least one window film.
Every person who has one or two rooms in the house and they struggle to get temperatures under control and which match the rest of the house, he can get a company that installs window films to address his problem. Professionals assure homeowners of immediate results even before the application process is done.

The film is normally applied to the interior windows and keeps ultra violet light away from the interior of the home thus improving your energy efficiency. In addition, keeping UV rays out of your home can mean minimal fading of furnishings and flooring. As a matter of fact, solar window films can improve the efficiency of every window including windows with low-E glass.

Window Film Installation and Efficiency

Residential applications now boast of high end films which have significantly improved in quality over time. The good thing with these films is that they are very natural in tone and do not change the aesthetic value of your home but instead perform very well in terms of protecting UV rays, heat rejection, infrared rejection and reduced glare.

Installation is very important in determining the successful performance of a window film. Most companies that have professional teams in place have installation policies that involve cleaning of the windows and custom cutting before applying the film. When the installation has not been done well, the film starts cracking, peeling, and bubbling.

For proper installations, look for a certified installer who has been approved by the International Window Film Association and works as a solar control specialists. This professional will inspect the product packaging well before installation. Many installations last just a day.

Window Film Warranty

Many quality films come with warranties that last over 30 years. The films are clear enough so that you can see through and depending on the type of your window, there are specific films you can buy. Working with your professional installer, you can easily get a film that suits your needs.

Remember, solar window films do not bar the natural light from coming in through your windows, but the UV rays that cause fading of items. When you add energy efficiency on top, it is a win-win.

Window films are designed to keep heat out during summer and this means your AC system does not need to work as hard to cool your home. This is a big saving in terms of energy and bills. Also, the beauty with solar window films is that they require minimal maintenance. However, homeowners need to be careful that they do not clean their windows as aggressively as they do until after about 30 days. This is to ensure that the film has firmly adhered to the window surface.

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