The Factors to Consider When Choosing a HVAC System

hvac-systemSelecting the right HVAC system can mean the difference between a comfortable home and an inefficient system that only knows how to guzzle power. Many homeowners find themselves torn between an affordable or budget HVAC system and a quality but slightly expensive system.

If you are a beginner in HVAC systems or you are upgrading into a more modern system, it may help if you go through some of the factors which can lead you into getting an excellent system. Below are some directives to help you on this:

The Location of the HVAC System

There are two main places you can locate your HVAC system:


Basements are arguably the coldest rooms in homes. Also, they are spacious and this is what makes it logical to have the HVAC system located in the basement. Before installing a HVAC system for your basement, the first step is to test the comfort levels of your basement. The best way to do this is to use a thermometer which can read both the humidity and temperature.

Depending on the levels of humidity and temperature, you can opt for one system in place of another. You don’t have to necessarily install a new system if you can expand the existing into the basement through registers. If you don’t have ductwork or the one present isn’t a good fit, you may have to install new ductwork.


If the area you live in is prone to flooding, the best decision is to choose a system which you can put in the attic instead of the basement. The installation of the HVAC system in the attic is structurally different compared to the other areas.

When selecting a system to be fitted in the attic, consider having a shock absorber because the system would be above your ceiling. Another component is a drip overflow pan to take care of drainage and overflows.

Allergic Reactions

If you suffer from respiratory reactions such as asthma, your choice of the HVAC system must be carefully done. Forced air heating systems tend to attract dust particles and this can be a problem for people allergic to dust and pollen.

A choice that can serve people having allergies is one which has a high level of filtration. Such a system will help maintain quality air and keep your family healthy.

The Size

Sizing your HVAC system is very important. Undersize or oversize HVAC systems have a tendency to overcool, overheat, or under heat and undercool your home. This makes them inefficient in power consumption and they become vulnerable to frequent breakdowns. In the event you are not sure about the right size for your home, a HVAC technician can help you estimate your cooling needs and get you the right system.

While deciding on the HVAC system to install, your personal conditions should come first. By this is meant the size of your home, your budget, the number of people living in your home, the area you live in, and special environmental interests. These factors change from one family to the next and this is why you need to consider them before making the purchase decision.

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