What are the Best Industry Practices for Cleaning Air Ducts?

duct-cleaningMost of the modern homes and commercial premises are constructed with HVAC installations including ductwork. Some of the ducts may not have been installed well and this can make fresh air and stale air to circulate separately which may cause pollutants to accumulate in your ductwork and cause problems for you and your family.
The pollutants will find their way into the indoor environment and act as irritants, a situation which leads to aggravated health conditions including respiratory afflictions.

When you make it a point to have your air ducts cleaned regularly, the threat of pollutants will be drastically reduced or even eliminated altogether. This will ensure a clean and healthy indoor environment free of any irritants.
DIY enthusiasts may try cleaning the ducts themselves, but the best approach is to hire the services of a professional HVAC contractor so that the job can be done right the first time. Duct cleaning doesn’t just improve the indoor air quality, but it can also get rid of any pesky rodents.

The frequency of duct cleaning should also be watched closely because when ducts are cleaned too often, they can be easily damaged. This is precisely why you need a professional duct cleaning technician because they are trained not just on the act of cleaning, but also when to schedule the next cleaning exercise.

The Duct Cleaning Methods Used in the Industry

Even if you are not the one to do the cleaning, it is important you know the various duct cleaning methods available so that you can make an informed decision when hiring a professional. Over the years, numerous changes have been effected with regards to duct cleaning industry standards and methodology.

The advancements the industry has seen have largely improved the safety of the different duct cleaning methods as well as the air quality. The following are some of the duct cleaning methods most professionals use today.

Power Vacuum or Air Sweep Method

This is considered the most thorough duct cleaning method currently employed by industry experts. It does the best job in rooming and sweeping off all the dirt in your ducts. The vacuum is normally powerful and if not handled properly, it can potentially damage the ductwork. This is why you need to ask the professional you want to hire, for how long they have been in business and ask for referrals where possible.

Point of Contact Cleaning Method

This is a considerably safer method for cleaning your vents and air ducts. It also carries a much smaller price tag compared to the power vacuum method. The main cleaning tool in this method is a large vacuum that has extensive attachments and tools. The ductwork is cleaned using a spinning brush that also comes with a number of extension hoses.

Source Removal Method

This is a popular and recommended method for air duct cleaning. It has two key elements; the mechanical agitation component that helps in loosening debris and dirt and the extraction component that removes the loose end debris.

When you hire professional duct cleaning services, you can be assured that the techniques used will be modern, thorough, and cost-effective.

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